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An Ethiopian Village
Daniel in the lions den
David and Goliath
Ethiopian village 2
Family fleeing from Pharaoh
Hanukiah with twelve tribes
Jacob's ladder
Jonah and the whale
Joseph and his many coloured coat
Joshua and Caleb
Lighting Shabbat candles
Moses dividing the red sea
Moses in the bulrushes
Noah and animals
Noah and the dove
Operation Moses
Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron
Rebekah and the servant
Solomon and Sheba
Woman with baby on back
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Embroidery pictures sold without frames

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Embroidered design

An Ethiopian Village, Blowing the shofar, Daniel in the lions den, David and Goliath, Ethiopian village 2, Family fleeing from Pharaoh, Hanukiah and the 12 tribes, Jacob's ladder, Jonah and the whale 1, Joseph and his technicolor coat 1, Joshua and Calab, Lighting Shabbat candles, Moses dividing the red sea, Moses in the bulrushes, Noah and the animals, Noah and the dove, Operation Moses, Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron, Priests, angels and people from Synagogue, Rebekah and the servant, Restoration, Samson, Solomon and Sheba, Woman with her baby on her back

Embroidered picture sizes

Size 1 – 38 X 35 cms, Size 2 – 29 X 20 cms, Size 3 – 21 X 19 cms, Size 4 – 11 X 12 cms


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