Atalo - chief designer

Ethiopian Handcrafts

Many of the Ethiopian immigrants including those who were unwell were sitting at home or in the park in winter and summer with nothing to do and becoming very depressed and more ill.

Some time ago Zion sat with them and asked why they were not doing anything.  They replied they had nothing to do and no-one would help them. So Zion asked them what they could do and Atalo replied he could do sewing and handcrafts, but they needed materials. Zion bought some but much more was needed. The Lord wonderfully provided the money to buy the materials in order to progress. Now there are several men and women making the handcrafts and we have been able to sell many of their items.

This has brought them much pleasure and has completely changed their outlook on life. They are now doing something constructive and enjoying sitting together and chatting while they work. Several have said their blood pressure has gone down, the depression has lifted and even their diabetes has improved.

It is wonderful to see smiles on the faces that were previously looking so sad. This work is certainly therapeutic. We hope to be able to encourage them in it as it so clearly has brought happiness and better health to them and made their lives more meaningful. Many also take work home to do. Even the children are proud of the work of their parents. The income from their craft work has also improved their well-being. Now there is much more peace in their homes.

Where there was conflict, there is now unity and happiness.

Every item is made entirely by hand and can take up to one month to complete.